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September Vacation continued….

After Rock Bay, it was an overnight at Carol and Chris’s and then off to Park Sands in Parksville. It’s one of our favourites as it’s right beside one of the nicest kite flying spots on Vancouver Island. Over the last few years I have not flown so I was determined to bring my kites along for the trip. They have installed a very beautiful boardwalk along the beach so we headed out for a stroll. Just before we left for our walk, I heard this rather haunting bit of music, but was unsure where it was coming from. I thought perhaps one of the big motor coaches here in the park, might have a movie playing too loudly and it was the soundtrack I was hearing. Well when we headed out for our walk, we found a musician playing in the Pavillion, just outside of the park. He played on an electric guitar with a reverb and echo box. The sound was great and I kept thinking how good the music would be for background music for one of my slideshows. I got talking to him and it turns out he has his own rock band but this solo performing is a new direction for him and he hopes to have his music available online shortly. He had a videographer there to record that day, but technical difficulties made for a no go. I was able to snap a few shots of Peter Rainbird and have sent them off to him. 



 The weather wasn’t the greatest on the first full day in Parksville, so we packed  up the dogs and headed out to see the Little Qualicum Falls. They are located in a Provincial Park, just outside of Parksville, and I am embarrassed to admit never having seen them. Not any more!! Very beautiful and a very nice walk to both the Upper and Lower Falls. All the following shots of the Falls are HDR photos. (High Dynamic Range) They are each three photos merged into a single shot. 





After the Falls, it was back on the road, enroute to the local animal refuge. 


I know...there should be power lines from the power pole, but they took away from the shot so I had to get rid of them. This shot also...HDR.



Golden Eagle


This bird is not an Albino Raven, but is in fact a White Raven. We have a few of them here on Vancouver Island.







2 responses

  1. Amazing white raven. Do you have any other photos of these birds?

    August 26, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    • I have one other. Why do you ask?

      August 27, 2013 at 12:26 am

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