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September Vacation Part III

My dog walk that morning showed a beautiful view of the beach and Mt. Arrowsmith. 


And the weather looked fine so we headed out to see Cathedral Grove. We had stopped there at the start of our vacation but it was pretty wet so we had lunch and headed out. This day however was different. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful walk through this Old Growth Forest, but before we got to Cathedral Grove…the obligatory stop at “Goats on the Roof” in Coombs for the typical tourist snapshot. Hell…we were on vacation so we can play tourist right? 

"Goats on the Roof" at Coombs


The start of the walk through Cathedral Grove






Now it was off to Englishman River Falls…another jewel here on Vancouver Island. I had seen this place along the way and want to photograph the old gas pumps. It turns out the real old ones are in front of Karma Coffee. We had thought we could buy a coffee but instead had to buy a bag of beans. Had a great chat with the owner about coffee in general. Haven’t tried the bag as yet but I suspect it will be very good. He turned me onto a coffee press, that’s ideal for camping. It’s all made of plastic and works like a reverse bodum. The best part is that the grounds pop out like a puck for easy disposal. I would have bought one but he was sold out. 



Now it was off to Englishman River Falls… (By the way, most of the shots of the falls were HDR) 

The path to Englishman River Falls









Looking downstream from the lower falls


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