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Run for the Cure 2010

In August, my sister-in-law, Karen Webb passed away from cancer. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of years previous and although we thought she had beat it, that proved not to be the case.  Karen maintained contact with a group of ladies from her high school grad class and they got together regularly. The group was affec tionatly know as the “6 from 69″ and one of the things they do, is annual participation in the “Run For The Cure”. This year, with Karen’s passing, her husband Fred, daughter Jodie and Jodie’s boyfriend Kirk, did the run with the “6 from 69″, in Karen’s memory.

These photos are an attempt to capture the day and in a small way, show what goes on at this event.

Firstly…here’s a shot of Karen

This is a photo on a Caring Quilt that was made to aid Karen in her recovery from Breast Cancer. These are the “6 from 69” on their grad night and the messages they wrote on Karen’s quilt.

Here’s the girls at the 2009 Run for the Cure and the group at this years run.

But best of all…here’s the full 2010 team!

Getting ready...




We finished!!

…and they are off.



Cool hat!!


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