My blog is intended as a forum for my photographs with perhaps a little commentary.

Gorge Waterway & HDR

Those of you that know me, might know of my love for HDR photography. I am still experimenting, but thoroughly love the process. Yes…in some cases, the shot is a little “overcooked” but it’s all part of the learning process.

Last month, on our island vacation, I was processing a few shots and noticed Photomatic had an update available. Downloaded and installed and I am very impressed with the presets they now offer. Makes at the very least a good starting point before additional tonemapping. I own Photoshop CS5 and the pundits are of the opinion that the HDR Pro within CS5, does a better job than the Photomatic plugin. This hasn’t been my experience so I have stuck with Photomatic and now with the update to Photomatic Pro 4.0, it’s just so much better.

I didn’t bring along my trusty 24-105 mm this morning. I thought it was on my camera but I had  on my Tamron 17-50 mm 2.8 instead. The 2.8 was nice but I could have used the extra reach of the 24-105 mm.

I have taken many shots of this area and it never ceases to amaze me at just how beautiful it is.

I was so impressed with Photomatic Pro 4.0, that I went back and reprocessed a few shots of my earlier HDR attempts. The improvements were partially due to the new version and maybe my level of expertise is improving?


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