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Phoenix Road Trip

Joan and I headed off to Phoenix earlier this month, with our daughter Jenn and her boyfriend Iain. We had made a trip to Vegas with them in the spring, to see a NASCAR race. I enjoyed it so much that we headed off to Phoenix for the second to last Sprint Cup race of the season. Jenn has followed NASCAR and her interest got me hooked and I too watch the races on TV, if I am around to watch them. Much more exciting however, to see them live. That NASCAR is a marketing machine and is really quite a spectacle!

Headed to Phoenix via Alaska Airline and it was a full flight. It seems that not only was NASCAR running that weekend, but the Seattle Seahawks were playing in Phoenix that same weekend and the NHL franchise Phoenix Cayotes were also home with a game that weekend. I met several people who were heading down for hockey, football and one of the three NASCAR races, Trucks, Nationwide or Sprint Cup. A well rounded sports weekend I would say.

Headed off on Friday touring the city and checking our a few “speed shops” for goodies for Iain’s Teryx quad. Finshed the afternoon off with a trip up South Mountain for a view of the city.

Here's the pool in the condo complex where we stayed.

Scorpion Gulch at the bottom of South Mountain

Phoenix through the window of the stone house at the summit

These cacti were awesome!! I never knew how many different varieties there were.


Here’s a shot of one of the “red mountains” right in the city. Great colours!!

Red Rock

There is a good story about this snake, It was created by Jon Anderson and it’s a FIMO  Polymer Clay that is used to create these beauties.
Iain spotted this one in a gallery in Scottsdale one evening. The gallery had customers in it but the doors were locked. No one payed any attention to us trying to come in so we assumed it might be closed for a private viewing. Went back the next evening and it was truely closed this time as it was getting late in the evening. Since this gallery is in the restaurant area, we were back the next evening for dinner nearby and checked out the gallery from the inside this time. We asked about these FIMO snakes and they had any more. The sales lady  took us into the back corner where there was a display of the snakes in various sizes and Jon’s other creations. She asked if we wanted to see how they were made and we eagerly said yes. While she was pulling out her “props” Iain spotted a hand blown sink he had seen previously and said to Jenn that he had forgot all about it. His interest was now on the sink and not the demo brought a derisive snort from our sales lady and she asked “does he want to see this because I am only doing this once”. I told her that we were VERY sorry to be bothering her. This too brought a heavy sigh from her. (Do you know how to spell biatch?) Well she got her demo out of the way and advised us the cost of the snake. Iain and I had already been researching the item online and we knew it could be bought for about 1/2 the price she quoted. Since Iain didn’t bite on her price, she asked if he might like a discount. Now the price dropped by about 15% but her price was still almost double what we had seen elsewhere. Any questions to this bag brought out yet another sigh. But you know about karma? Well Iain found the snake from another seller, for about 1/2 her price. The only good thing that comes of this is I can publicly warn everyone to avoid Old Town Gallery in Scottsdale. The owners name is George and the saleslady might either his wife or his mother. Avoid her like the plague.

Jon Anderson FIMO snake

Day 2 we headed east of Phoenix to Highway 88. A historic highway through the Superstition Mountains.

Superstition Mountain

First stop was Goldfield, an old gold mining town that has been reborn as a local tourist attraction. Somewhat similar to Barkerville here in BC but a nice stop nonetheless.

Canyon Lake Highway 88 between Goldfield and Tortila Flat

And now we arrive at Tortila Flat.  Population 6…yes only 6! Saddles for Bar Stools and Dollar bills for wallpaper.
Day 3 was the NASCAR Sprint Cup race. Off early so we can soak in a little NASCAR culture!

Jenn get an airbrushed 48 on her face

Now THAT'S a Bar-B-Que

You might remember this car from the TV commercials?

Jenn writing a good luck message to #48, right on the finish line.

"Beer Lady? Can I get a couple of Bud?"

Pano of the track

Phoenix Zoo Day today….quite a nice zoo and no government funding!

Saddle Back Ranch for breakfast

Finger Monkeys


Lastly…we have here the rare Vancouver Island Momma…this species has difficulty adapting to the the heat of Arizona and the long walks between water holes. Seen here at rest but happy nonetheless.


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